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Grown up || Taekwoon & Yoobin


It was one of those days Yoobin hated the most. It wasn’t because of the weather, or because she had to work. More like, she had to work for the entire day, since she got a call saying she had to replace an employer, and being who she is, with such a warm heart, she couldn’t say no to him.

So she was there, already four hours or working and in an hour her normal shift would be over. but she still had anothed five hours to cover. She sighed and layed her arms on the counter as she kept an eye to the both sections she had to cover, hers and the other person’s. Her eyes stopped in a man who seemed unattended, so she took her notepad and her pen and walked towards the man.

"Hello sir and welcome. My name is Yoobin. Are you attended yet?"

She said after bowing her head a bit and talking to him with a friendly smile on her face.

Taekwoon tilted his head to the side as he scribbled in the notebook where he planned all of his lessons, still not quite sure of what to do for the next week. For some reason, the kids lately seemed to not trust him fully, but he decided not to think much about it— it all took time around kids, especially the youngest ones. 

The voice of the waiter startled the black haired male, who looked up from his notes to stare at the female, blinking slowly. There was something oddly familiar about her but there wasn’t something that Taekwoon could exactly name, so he choose not to think much about it and bowed his head back, politely. 

"Thank you—And no, I haven’t been exactly attended yet."

Sorry for not being around, school got the most of my time ;; Anyone up to plotting, or paras? 

wxnshik said: 


{‘after a couple of seconds of hesitation, he waves back with a sheepish grin instaled on his lips} Hello there.


"Y-Yes—" Stephanie scooted back a little, feeling her cheeks heat up as she frowned at him. Of course he was going to question her—question everything she just mentioned. And there was nothing for her to actually do about it. "A lot of things—but I was just—I’m… sorry,"

Taekwoon’s brows furrowed slightly; even though he was curious and slightly creeped out by the female’s staring, there wasn’t anything to actually apologize for. Staring hadn’t ended anyone yet, so— “You don’t have to apologize, though. It’s okay, I suppose.” He hummed, nodding slowly.

"Here once again— Somehow."


Giving a nod, he began meandering his way along to the cafe. “So, I don’t mean to be nosy…” Hakyeon folded his arms loosely over his chest. “But what do you do that requires so much paper work?” An office job? Nah, he didn’t look the type. Oh, maybe a teacher! Hakyeon didn’t really look at the papers but there was a numerous amount of them. So that sounded about right. He half chuckled to himself, it would be his luck that it was something way off the wall.

Taekwoon rubbed the back of his neck before patting his chin. “I am a teacher. I don’t think I really look like one but— It’s what I love. Little kids.” His lips curved up into a warm smile before shrugging. “Nothing really special.”


He turns around with a stumble, finding support by his brother’s arm as he grips onto him. “Don’t call me that.” Leo’s eyes starts to glare through the other’s dark pupils. 

"I call you whatever the fuck I want to." He pulled the younger to his chest, wrapping his arms around the other’s. "And I don’t think that you really can call me out on that. I didn’t start anything."


Stephanie realized that now that the two were going to speak—it was okay for her to move in… just a little bit. Biting down on her lower lip, she took a few steps closer and was now just feet away from him, sitting in front with her legs crossed. “Just… admiring,”

"Admiring?" He repeated, an incredulous tone laced on his voice. What was there to admire? A man smoking under the shade of a tree— So interesting, he thought while snorting softly. He tilted his head to the side before speaking once again. "What is it there to admire?"

udontaekwoon said: 

He rolled his eyes at the older with a scoff. “Kisses are sacred, aren’t they?” Leo’s eyes avert to the side, turning around as he’s about to walk off.

Taekwoon tilted his head to the side. “Of course they are— Yah, Taekyoon!” He slaps the other’s shoulder harshly, his brows furrowing.